GOMA AE    boiled spinach with sesame dressing    5{V} {GF+2}

GYU TATAKI    lightly grilled tenderloin served with ponzu sauce    15 {GF}

KINPIRA GOBO    cooked burdock root & sesame      6

TAKO KIMCHEE    cooked octopus, cucumber w/spicy kimchee sauce    14

TUNA GOMA AE    diced tuna & avocado w/sesame dressing    14 {GF +2}

TUNA TATAKI    lightly grilled tuna served with ponzu sauce    15 {GF}



KAKI MISONAISE    baked oyster with special mayo sauce    13

AGEDASHI TOFU    lightly deep fried tofu served w/ green onion & tempura sauce    5.5

CHICKEN KARA AGE    deep fried chicken thigh seasoned with soy & ginger      10

SEAFOOD CHAWAN MUSHI    steamed egg with assorted seafood    8

CHAWAN MUSHI    steamed egg with chicken, shrimp & mushroom    6

EDAMAME    boiled soya beans    6 {V} {GF}

GYOZA    pan fried pork dumplings served with vinegar dressing      8

SHIRMP GYOZA    handmade pan fried shrimp dumplings served w/ soy vinaigrette sauce    12

YAKITORI    grilled diced chicken thigh served on a skewer ( salt & pepper {GF} or teriyaki sauce )    7.5

SOFT SHELL CRAB APPETIZER     lightly deep fried soft shell crab serve with ponzu sauce        16

IKA NO SUGATAYAKI   grilled whole surume squid    12 {GF}





WAKAME SALAD    seaweed salad w/ sesame    6 

KAISOU SALAD    mixed seaweed w/yuzu dressing    7

SUNOMONO SALAD    ( imitation crab; octopus or shrimp   )    7.5

cucumber, Japanese vermicelli noodle w/ vinaigrette dressing 

DELUXE SUNOMONO SALAD   (crab meat)    9.5

cucumber, Japanese vermicelli noodle w/ vinaigrette dressing

UZAKU    cucumber & unagi with vinegar dressing    9

VEGETABLE SALAD    garden green w/house dressing    6{V}

TOFU SALAD    fresh tofu, garden   green w/ house dressing    7{V}


GIN-DARA NO SAIKYO YAKI    Black Cod with saikyo miso    16

HAMACHI KAMA NO SHIO YAKI    BBQ Yellow Tail's collar with salt    13 {GF}

SABA NO MISONI    cooked mackerel with miso sauce (full filet)    13

SABA NO SHIO YAKI    BBQ Mackerel with salt (full filet)    11 {GF}

SAKE HARASU NO SHIO YAKI    BBQ Salmon belly with salt    7 {GF}

SAKE KAMA NO SHIO YAKI    BBQ Salmon collar with salt    6 {GF}

BEEF TERIYAKI    grilled rib eye w/ teriyaki sauce served on vegi salad    13

CHICKEN TERIYAKI    grilled chicken thigh w/ teriyaki sauce served on vegi salad    12

SALMON TERIYAKI    BBQ salmon w/ teriyaki sauce served on vegi salad    12




ASSORTED TEMPURA    ( 3 shrimp & 6 vegetable )      12   

SEAFOOD  TEMPURA    ( assorted seafood )      15  

EBI  TEMPURA  (shrimp)     ( 4 pcs )    8 ;    ( 8 pcs )    15

IKA  TEMPURA    ( squid )    12






MISO SOUP    fish broth with condiments    2

RICE    steamed rice    2  {V} {GF}

SUSHI RICE       2.5{V} {GF}

** wasabi in all sushi & maki, unless otherwise noted **


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