Ice Cream    3

Japanese ice cream in flavors of mango, green tea and black sesame. Please check with your server for additional flavours.

Ice Cream

Imagawa Yaki    8

A fresh red bean cake served with your choice of Ice cream, seasonal fruits and/or cold red bean.

Imagawa Yaki


Banana Tempura    8

Deep fried banana with chocolate and peanut sauce. Topped with fruits and whipped cream.  

Banana Tempura

Shiratama ZenZai    7

Traditional mochi rice cakes accompanied with red bean paste and seasonal fruits. This dessert
could be served hot or cold. 

Shiratama ZenZai


Not all of these items will be available, other desserts might not be listed. 

Please ask your server for more information.

Please note that there will be charge for any modification.
please notify your server for any food allergies

prices are subject to change, taxes excluded


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